Hillside Resort

Given the name “happy mountain” by King Monivong in the 1930s, Kirirom has  been a vacation destination for royals and elites before the war. The rich foliage, local wildlife, waterfalls, hiking trails, and untouched essence make it a getaway for adventure seekers and nature lovers. The area is known for its pine trees and cooler climate, like a picture taken in the European mountains. During the war, the Kirirom forest has provided sanctuary and food for those in hiding. To give back, we must take care of it.

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How we began

We are a locally, family owned resort since 2003. It started when we first purchased only a tiny plot of land to stop the continuous cutting down of trees and animal trade around the area by poachers and illegal loggers. From then on, we’ve taken pride in employing & training locals and empowering craftsmen in the mountain area so that they can earn money sustainably. Since construction until now, we have not cut down one tree; rather we’ve enforced the importance of planting thousands more. We understand how necessary it is for hotels to be mindful of its communities and environments. 

We fell in love with the air, the animals, and the diverse foliage unique to this area when our family first step foot here and we hope you do, too. 

Rooms & Suites

Featuring its own restaurant and outdoor pool, Kirirom Hillside Resort is a collection of standalone bungalows with free WiFi in its common areas. Free private parking is available on site.

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Discover Kirirom Attractions

Preah Soramrit Kosamak Kirirom National Park is on Kirirom Mountain, in Oamrei Phong village, Kirirom commune, Phnom Sruoch district, about 117 kilometers southwest of Phnom Penh. The mountain is 700 meters high. A natural site, it once was Preah Kosamak town. This well conserved park, abundant in fresh air, has waterfalls and is full of tall pine trees and orchid flowers.